Brain Injury Matters (NI) is proud to be an Investing in Volunteers (IiV) achiever, having been awarded the quality standard in 2020 for the ‘2nd’ time.  It shows that we value our volunteers and demonstrates our commitment to volunteering within the organisation.

Treasa Rice, Volunteer Manager of Brain Injury Matters, said: “We are delighted to receive the renewal of the Investing in Volunteers UK Quality standard.  It is a credit to the hard work of our staff members and the support and dedication of our loyal volunteers.  It provides us with the credence that our volunteer service aligns with the highest of standards in the UK and thus furnishes those wishing to volunteer with our charity the assurance that they will be recognised and encouraged in their role”.

 Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for all organisations involving volunteers.   Investing in Volunteers aims to improve the quality of the volunteering experience for all volunteers and demonstrates that organisations value the enormous contribution made by their volunteers.  Investing in Volunteers is delivered by the four national volunteering infrastructure bodies, NCVO, Volunteer Scotland, Volunteer Now in Northern Ireland and Wales Council for Voluntary Action.

 Brain Injury Matters (NI) was assessed against a range of best practice standards and proved to excel in all aspects of working with its volunteers. Sandra Adair, Director of Operations at Volunteer Now, said “Volunteer Now is delighted to announce Brain Injury Matter (NI) successful achievement of this Award, they have demonstrated a real commitment to volunteering, proven that their volunteer management policies and procedures meet nationally recognised standards.”

 Investing in Volunteers is unique in that it is the only standard that focuses on volunteers.  It is based on four areas of volunteer management; planning for volunteer involvement, recruiting volunteers, selecting and matching volunteers and supporting and retaining volunteers.

 Joe McVey, CEO of Brain Injury Matters, said: !We are delighted to have achieved the IIV standard . BIM (NI) recognises the invaluable contribution volunteering makes to our service and we are committed to supporting and celebrating their tireless work and enthusiasm .IIV provides us with the framework and support to ensure that we are working to the highest possible standards and look forward to continuing to work with Volunteer Now, recognising their regional role in supporting and promoting volunteering."