This pilot programme is fun, positive and supportive for all parents who attend. There is an opportunity to meet other parents who have a child with ABI in your community.

There are many topics covered on the programme:

  • Child-directed play;
  • Helping children’s academic skills;
  • Concentration and persistence skills;
  • Social and emotion coaching;
  • Developing imagination through pretend play;
  • Helping children learn how to calm themselves down when they get angry or frustrated;
  • Praise and how to use rewards to motivate children;
  • How to set limits (for example on screens and games) and all aspects of behaviour management (for example, how to deal with tantrums!).

The programme will be delivered over 14 sessions by two group leaders.

Date:     14th January 2020

Day:      Tuesday

Time:     6.30pm – 8.30pm

Venue:  Brain Injury Matters offices Castlereagh Road, Belfast BT5 6BQ

 You will be spoilt! You will be fed well at break time, and no doubt there will be lots of craic!

Please contact Bridget on 02890705125 or email [email protected] at for more details