Just as the specific effects of ABI will be unique to each individual and their injury, the challenges will also be unique.

Common challenges and difficulties 

  • Difficulty with concentration and keeping their attention on a task
  • Easily confused and overwhelmed 
  • Problems learning new information and being able to use knowledge in new situations 
  • Slower to process information
  • Difficulty keeping up with conversations, word finding difficulties and following the social rules
  • Producing or understanding language 
  • Difficulty being motivated and starting activities, lack of initiative and drive, apathy
  • Getting or staying organised, problem solving and planning 
  • Fixed thinking patterns 
  • Loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, before and now comparisons, grief and loss
  • Changes in personality, more egocentric, outgoing/introverted 
  • Irritability and "short fused", increased anger, outbursts and difficulties with emotional control
  • Impaired social and personal coping skills, adjustment issues, low mood and anxiety
  • Impulsivity 
  • Sexual disinhibition 
  • Relationship changes