Our practitioners work alongside the child, young person and family unit to empower them to provide the appropriate support to their child with ABI. Tailored support takes place in the family home or within the local community. 

We work in partnership with parents/carers, children and siblings to ensure the family are equipped to take confident steps towards positive progress. 

Support is tailored to meet the child, young person and families' needs and may include: 

  • Help families better understand ABI and its impact on the whole family
  • Explore ways to manage potential problems that might arise
  • Provide skills and strategies to equip families to problem solve
  • Support families to identify goals and work towards achieving them 
  • Help families make gains through evidence-based support 
  • Help keep families connected
  • Empower families to feel confident in supporting each other post childhood ABI

To make a referral please complete the Children's referral form