The common effects of ABI are experienced by the individual and impact on the lives and relationships of those the live, work and socialise with.

The impact on life and relationships can be extensive 


Many people may be unable to return to the work they had previously did, they may need significant adjustments in the workplace, need to change job role or indeed be unable to work again

Leisure Pursuits

Many people either lose all their leisure activities or have to change the activities they participate in.

Marriage or relationships

Marriage and relationship breakdowns are common. For marriages and relationships that do stay together, there can still be a number of significant changes, for example the loss of the sexual component of the relationship, changes in roles and responsibilities.


Loss of Friendships and social contact is common.  People with ABI often report feelings of isolation and find it difficult to interact and engage with existing friends or make new friends 

Impact on family 

The majority of people with a Brain Injury are discharged from an Acute Rehabilitation Unit to return to live with their parent/parents or partners this often produces enormous changes and stress for the family unit as well for individual family members

Many families find it a rewarding experience to provide support for a family member with ABI, however in other cases it can be extremely stressful 

Psychological reactions

People with ABI can experience a range of differing psychological reactions.  These can commonly include at times experiencing periods of depression, self harm and thoughts of life not worth living, anxiety and low self esteem.